Lesson Plan for K-5: Faces on Parade!



Elementary Art Lesson Plan


Lana Easton

Texas Woman’s University





2nd Six Weeks/Weeks 1-3

Lesson Duration:

2-3 class sessions

Grade Level(s):


Lesson Name:


Faces on Parade!

Title and Author of Book used for Inspiration:


Around the World We Go! By Margaret Wise Brown


Key Concepts/Big Ideas/Goals:

Diversity, Friendship, Culture




Essential Question(s):

1.) What do masks represent?  2.) What makes them art? 3.) Do you know of any cultures that use masks? 4.) Where else to you see masks?




Lesson Objective(s):

Students will be able to…

 1.) Research their cultural background.

 2.) Make a culture mask to represent their background using line, texture, color and shape.



Procedures/Steps for Instructional Activity: Making the culture mask.

1.) We will spend a day at the library studying their cultures.


2.) They will make a drawing of their mask.


3.) Students will cut out holes in paper plates for eyes, nose, and mouth.


4.) Then they will use construction paper, fabric, markers, crayons, yarn, paint and various other objects to add texture and color to their masks.


5.) When completed we will share each other masks and they will write a short paragraph about their cultural background.

6.) Last we will have a parade where we will show off our masks.


Assessment/Evaluation Rubric:

1) Completion of the project of cultural mask. 30pts.


2) Participate in library research. 30pts.


3) Good use of elements and principles. 20pts.


4) Write and talk about mask and culture. 20pts.


Art Elements & Principles/Vocabulary:

Line, texture, color, shape, culture, diversity, friendship






Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills:

(1) Perception:

The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment.

(2) Creative expression/performance:

The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill.

(3) Historical/cultural heritage:

The student demonstrates an understanding of art history and culture as records of human achievement.

(4) Response/evaluation:

The student makes informed judgments about personal artworks and the artworks of others.


Artist/Artwork Examples:

Masks from: Native America, Africa, Asia, American, China, and Japan





Art Materials/Supplies:

Paper plates, markers, crayons, construction paper, fabrics, beads, glue and glue sticks, popsicle sticks, tempera paints, yarn, decorative papers, stamps, rollers, raffia (colors), feathers, buttons, soap, paper towels.

Teaching Materials/Resources:

Book: Around the World We Go! By Margaret Wise Brown, Internet for mask videos (dancing, and masks around the world), Posters of masks, power point of masks around the world.






Classroom Management Plan:

*I would have supplies sorted around the classroom.


*After the lesson plan has been explained, and after their research has been done, they will show me a drawing of their mask.


*I will approve it and they will gather supplies from the various stations around the room.


*10 minutes before class ends, they will clean up their tables and push in their chairs.


*Then they will line up at the door to go back to class.

Interdisciplinary Connections:

Social Studies- History of masks


Math- cutting circles and triangles for eyes, nose and mouth and patterns


Literature- writing about culture and reading the book, Around the World We Go! By Margaret Wise Brown


K-2: Will make masks based on their personality and I will give them a template to use for their mask.

Special Education: Use materials to decorate mask that is already prepared for them.

Gifted and Talented: I will have extra projects for them to do, such as painting and drawing.










Needs Improvement

Completion of project- 30pts.

Project is complete and has met the objectives. Project is complete but is lacking in details about their culture. Project is not complete and objectives are not met.

Participate in library research- 30 pts.


Completion of research for cultural mask. Great behavior in library. Does not get enough information for project. Good behavior in library. Do not complete research. Poor behavior in library.

Good use of elements and principles- 20 pts.

Project has good use of elements and principles. Poor use of elements and principles. Do not use any elements and principles.

Write and talk about mask and culture- 20pts.

Participates in group discussion and complete writing assignment. Participates in group but paragraph is not complete. Poor participation and does not complete paragraph.


This is a lesson plan I created for ART 3033 for my final project.

Links: Art Education Elementary Lesson Plan



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